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Corporate Vision

1. Technology changes the way of living

The tools and grippers for piloting are technology, and the ultimate goal is to continuously improve people's quality of life. People’s increasing requirements for residential life have made traditional design, manufacturing techniques, and material properties incapable of meeting the requirements of sustainable development. To be more friendly to the environment, more harmonious to the society, more advanced in functions, more convenient in craftsmanship, etc., which fully reflects the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, fastness, and livability, are the long-term vision of the company.

2. Pilot light green buildings

Pilotage: To be the direction leader and innovator of lightweight green buildings.

Pilot is not only a positioning of oneself in the industry, but also a responsibility for the development of the industry. Lightweight and green buildings position the current and future direction of the company. It is the mission of Doffery to provide lightweight, durable, healthy and environmentally friendly, convenient living, resource-saving, and environmentally livable buildings.

Our Mission

1. Promote development with technological innovation

answered how we meet the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, and society. Only with full development can it be possible to meet the needs of all parties. Technology and innovation are themselves the foundation of the company. For small and medium enterprises, only continuous technological innovation can maintain sustained growth.

2. Make progress with customers and employees

The purpose of enterprise development is to make progress together with customers and employees. This not only answers the value orientation of enterprise development, but also shows the position and attitude of the enterprise on the interest orientation. It also objectively defines the relationship between customers, employees, and companies.

Only by promoting development through technological innovation, can it be possible to meet the needs of related parties, and at the same time, the relationship between them is fully defined.


1. Product features: light, fast and full

Light (lightweight roof)

Quick (quick installation)

Full journey (full service)

2. Technical mark: product inventor

3. Quality Positioning: Beyond European Standard, Leading the Industry

4. Brand style: Colorful·Fufeng·Auspicious

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