DOV color corrugated asphalt shingles
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DOV color corrugated asphalt shingles

The utility model relates to an energy-saving and environment-friendly light waterproof roof tile material formed by pressing mineral and plant fibers and impregnating asphalt under high temperature and high pressure.

Applied to building roofs with a slope greater than or equal to 10°.

The colors are Chinese red, castle red, French blue, pine brown, indigo ash, etc. (color and length can be customized).

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(China Red) Fish Scale Wave Asphalt Shingles 400*1260*3mm (customized), fixed on steel (wood) purlins, lookout boards or base concrete with matching special tile nails.

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Product Description

Phantom waveform asphalt shingles are called "fish scale shingles" in engineering application habits!

According to legend, in the Han Dynasty, there was a myth that a carp jumped to the dragon gate. It is said that the carp turned into a dragon if the carp went up the dragon gate against the current. The ancient legend embodies the people's spirit of striving to break through the shackles and soar into the sky, and it also embodies the lofty desire for perseverance to realize a beautiful ideal.

"Fish-scale tile", which resembles the scales of a yellow river koi, is round and natural, with undulating peaks and smooth waves; from a distance, it resembles rippling waves, endless like wisps, full of spring tide; close up is like auspicious clouds in my arms, like water The fleeting years, Shaohua does not lose its true colors!

"Fish scale tile", which looks like the scales of the Yellow River koi carp, thousands of times, indomitable, and bravely advancing in rapids; those living in the palace are magnificent, surrounded by pearls and emerald, and built on the high houses; , Kangjianjirui, don't touch your body among the flowers!

"Fish Scale Tiles" embodies the respect for tradition and modern thinking of the people of Dover. Its shape is not only based on myths and legends, but also reflects the aesthetic inheritance of traditional Chinese architectural decorative patterns. Inheriting people's expectations for the beautiful vision of progress, health, auspiciousness, and success!

Dofrich® Dovey Phantom series of wave-shaped asphalt shingles (fish scale shingles) is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly light-weight roofing roof tile material that is pressed into shape from mineral and plant fibers, and is impregnated with asphalt under high temperature and high pressure. The cut edge is three-dimensional arched. Applied to building roofs with a slope greater than or equal to 10 and less than 75.

Duofu Phantom series of wave-shaped asphalt shingles (fish-scale shingles) are mainly used for high-end villas and residences, especially slope roofing projects that require high aesthetics.

We will provide first-class quality and service, and promise 15 years of quality assurance.







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