DOV phantom wave asphalt shingle
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DOV phantom wave asphalt shingle

An energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lightweight roofing roof tile made of mineral and plant fibers pressed into continuous waveforms and impregnated with asphalt under high temperature and high pressure.

Apply to building roofs with a slope greater than or equal to 10°.

Mostly used for purlin system roofs and ordinary civil buildings, mainly including old roof renovations, flat slopes, general residences, industrial plants, warehouses and rural buildings.

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(China Red) Wave Asphalt Shingles 2000*950*3mm, fixed on steel (wood) purlins, lookout boards or base concrete with matching special tile nails.

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Product Description

Doffery® colored wave asphalt shingles are made of mineral plant fiberboard after shaping and impregnated with asphalt. The once-formed base layer is impregnated with asphalt at high temperature to make the integrity of the tile stronger; thermosetting resin ensures the strength and stiffness of the tile ;Imported raw materials and advanced coloring technology to ensure long-lasting color, mixed-color spraying technology makes the tile material elegant appearance, beautiful color and three-dimensional texture.

A kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly light waterproof roof tile material made of mineral and plant fibers by pressing and dipping asphalt under high temperature and high pressure to form a three-dimensional arched edge. Applied to building roofs with a slope greater than or equal to 10° and less than 75°.

The colors are Chinese red, castle red, French blue, pine brown, indigo grey, etc. (color and length can be customized).






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